Other CSC projects have included:

⦿ Setting up and operating an electricity balancing system in south Wales, when CSC: 

acquired the planning and legislative permissions and consents

secured output capacity and organised civil work 

concluded a long-term contract with National Grid

negotiated supply and network deals with Npower and Western Power Distribution

operated the diesel-powered generator set-up for the full term of the contract

⦿ Overall management from inception for the financing, installation and operation of 36mgw of balancing capacity over three sites in south Wales, including dealing with network providers, National Grid, aggregators, funders and equipment suppliers

⦿ Instigation and management from the conception of the redevelopment of a 10-acre brownfield site to incorporate commercial, retail and leisure outlets as well as high volume electric vehicle charging points utilising low-carbon sources. This included sourcing and liaising with a number of major retail outlets, several leading food and beverage providers, as well as energy stakeholders and local authorities

⦿ Creation and promotion of a proposal for the development of a £30m luxury hotel, spa and leisure complex, along with an apartment block and retail/commercial offerings and incorporating 2 CHP plants, playing the lead role within the management team 

⦿ Played a partnership role in the proposed development of a £10m pyrolysis power plant in south Wales as part of a city-backed UK roll-out of 12 facilities

⦿ Assisted in the development of a 3MW renewable wood-fuelled power generation facility

How CSC can help:

CSC knows that every project presents a set of unique challenges, and our mix of talents and experience enables us to offer solutions to these challenges. We offer a complete service for developers and site owners who want to have their energy options analysed by advisers they can trust and who have the expertise to make these a reality.

CSC has relationships and agreements with many of the leading providers of equipment and services who have developments in both Ireland and the UK, which is a significant benefit given the potential changes and uncertainty still surrounding Brexit.

In Ireland, the newly formed government has made a quantifiable commitment to renewable and green alternatives, and CSC’s experience in these fields means we are able to offer advice and assistance on multi-layered options.

We create an energy plan tailored to the client’s site and, according to their needs, can help with: 

Project management

Financing and funding options 

Commercial advice and support 

Technical, operational and management support

Power purchase and supply agreements

Brexit contingency planning